Looted Art before, during and after WW II

Looted Art
before, during
and after

Studio Koster van Lienen analyzed the opportunities and possibilities of the monumental twelfth century 'Bergkerk' to be transformed into a museum, substantiated by a strong visual concept for the Ter Borch Foundation. Determining is the development of a modular exhibition system that offers a variety of possibilities for future exhibitions in the Bergkerk. The main objective is that both church and exhibition reinforce each other.

The Dutch Cultural Heritage Agency has committed itself to the provision of its collection of different themes. The kickoff is the special exhibition Looted Art - before, during and after WW IIStudio Koster van Lienen designed this exhibition in close collaboration with curator Rudy Ekkert and historian Eelke Muller. With exceptional works by Cornelis van Oostzanen, Frans Hals and W. van der Valkert.

photography: Mike Bink




Tuberculosis was the number one disease around 1900. To combat this dangerous disease the Rooms Katholieke Werkliedenverbond established the association Herwonnen Levenskracht. The association opened the sanatorium on the Berg en Bosch estate in Apeldoorn in 1920.

Ado Toys

remarkable collection designer toys

designer toys

'A child's joy demands quality'. In this exhibition visitors of the CODA Museum were taken along in the spirit of ADO Toys and its rich and unique history. Connected with current space and time.
Detail, craft, experience, harmony and beauty form the starting point of the exhibition. With the ambition to touch those with whom it all started: the children. Today they made the past.

While making this exhibition Studio Koster van Lienen drew inspiration from the extensive archive of the strong brand ADO. ADO had wooden toy cars made by patients with open tuberculosis in the early twentieth century. The workshops of the sanatoriums in the woods near Apeldoorn lie at the heart of this history which is interwoven throughout the exhibition. From there many lanes can be taken into spaces that display the Zeitgeist, originality and craftsmanship of ADO; in short, the identity of ADO is revived.


Ado Toys

forest fairytales


Forest Fairytales presents visitors with a world that seems to stand apart from everyday reality and by doing so gives spectators the chance to temporarily escape from everyday life. At the same time, Forest Fairytalesprovides the distance that is sometimes needed to view one’s own life from another perspective or to come to view the world in a different way. 

Curator Guido de Vries’ inspirations for this exhibition were the woods around Apeldoorn, fairytales and the contradictory qualities both the woods and fairytales possess. A forest is not just beautiful, fairylike and enchanting, but it also is a frightening and dangerous place full of dark secrets. A fairytale is more than a story with a happy ending. It tells us about good and bad, light and dark, ugly and beautiful, soft and hard, tension and relaxation.

photography: Christiaan de Bruijne

Forest Fairytales

burial mounds


The exhibition tells the story of thirteen special burial mound locations on the Veluwe. Ancestral mounds teach us about the rituals of people who lived on the Veluwe thousands of years ago and buried their dead in carefully selected places. The exhibition illustrates this by showing examples from various periods. 


Sculptures craftsman Pieter Puype

Pieter Puype

The design of the exhibition on the extensive work of the sculptor, art teacher and woodcarver Pieter Puype (1874-1942) is characterised by the completeness of all the work of the craftsman and his life. His hidden treasures in the public space brought to the surface. In making this exhibition Studio Koster van Lienen, in collaboration with Paul Rem (curator of Paleis Het Loo) and historian Frederik Erens not only used existing historical material, but also created new material.

The exhibition becomes a dynamic space by using different color tones to match the themes and subtle glimpses through the space.

photography: Christiaan de Bruijne

Pieter Puype

hotel stories


Hotel Stories is a treasure trove of tales, music, photos, films and objects, allowing visitors to experience the world of hotel. The exhibition was commissioned by Saxion Hospitality Business School and CODA Museum. Studio Koster van Lienen not only designed the exhibition but was also curator of this comprehensive exhibition. An exhibition with great humor, emotion and discomfort. Resulting in a unique and warm cooperation with international artists, hoteliers and photographers.

No door unopened in Hotel Stories, no opportunity untouched. The base elements of this exhibition came from a collection of (intimate) stories of artists who have created pictures, movies, music, lyrics, literature and poetry from their hotel experience. Consider Linda Troeller and her beloved and famed Chelsea Hotel in New York, or the world famous picture of Niko Koster, who captured  John Lennon and Yoko Ono in the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel. This beautiful black and white photos were released to Hotel Stories.

photography: Christiaan de Bruijne

Hotel Stories

Curator & production ArtEZ finals

Curator &
ArtEZ finals

ArtEZ Institute of the Arts Zwolle chose for an Academy-wide presentation of its graduating students in 2015. As curator and project leader Eloi Koster was asked to take away all boundaries to meet, for the eighty students and the public. 

In dialoque with the nine departments Eloi started with the conviction that meeting is essential. Artists and designers are not only able to look beyond their own discipline, it is their objective in society to play a critical yet unifying role.

Three vacant shops in the heart of the old centre of Zwolle were transformed into exhibition areas totaling 2100 square meters which connected with each other and the public. These finals are the foundation for further cooperation between ArtEZ and the city of Zwolle. Preparation for the finals of 2016 are now in progress.


biennale interior


The exhibition at Kortrijk Ventura in 2012 is a rich presentation of furniture, drawings, jewellery and models. These are the results of projects that students worked on at design studios for architectural-, furniture-, interior-, and technical design. ArtEZ Institute of the Arts trains students for professions in which art, knowledge and creativity play a central role. 

Along with colleague Eric de Leeuw and the students of ArtEZ Interior & Architecture in Zwolle, Jesse van Lienen designed a presentation at Kortrijk of the academy where he is connected as a teacher since 2000. In this installation elements from the work of architect Dom Hans van der Laan are integrated.

ArtEZ Kortrijk

architecture timeline


A thousand years of architectural history in Deventer assembles in the exhibition 'Building Tracks in Deventer - Architecture before 1950'. Studio Koster van Lienen designed and built an imaginary town of old wooden floorboards, with window frames like volumes of the rich story. All architectural styles, appointed in history are indeed found in Deventer.
In the accompanying book, clearly designed by SKVL. 

Bouwsporen in Deventer