Foundation for Refugee Students

Foundation for
Refugee Students

The UAF is the oldest refugee organization in the Netherlands. The Foundation was set up in 1948 by the Dutch Universities as the University Asylum Fund to support Czech students who fled to the Netherlands after the invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Soviet Union. Ever since, the Foundation for Refugee Students UAF has supported refugees in their studies and in finding suitable employment. Studio Koster van Lienen collaborated with Studio Groen+Schild and made the Interior Design for the new office

photography: Mike Bink


glass logo


When does a logo obtain relevance to space, time and the public? Where does the tension between autonomous and applied craftmanship transform into a fuse between artistic disciplines? What does this need?

These questions have been guiding in the design process of Eloi Koster, who was asked by dental practice Sanadens to design a corporate identity. Can a corporate identity have more value than just an applied label?

Eloi sought collaboration with glass artist Menno Jonker. The designer, artist and dentists discovered in dialogue that they give great importance to the holistic approach in their work; everything is interconnected and cannot be perceived separately. This is reflected in the glass object; the holistic synergy made perceptible. Subtle contrast in colors.