Foundation for Refugee Students

Foundation for
Refugee Students

The UAF is the oldest refugee organization in the Netherlands. The Foundation was set up in 1948 by the Dutch Universities as the University Asylum Fund to support Czech students who fled to the Netherlands after the invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Soviet Union. Ever since, the Foundation for Refugee Students UAF has supported refugees in their studies and in finding suitable employment. Studio Koster van Lienen collaborated with Studio Groen+Schild and made the Interior Design for the new office

photography: Mike Bink


aerial design


In redesigning Dotkadata BV - housed in a characteristic industrial city monument - Studio Koster van Lienen has created functional spaces that express the distinct identity of the company and retain respect for the existing architecture and light. You understand where you are, that's the point.

By connecting new walls with a strip of glass to existing columns the space remains understandable. The kitchen, the furniture, the walls on which pictures are integrated, the conference table: everything is designed to perfection by Studio Koster van Lienen and connected to each other. The kitchen forms the entrance where visitors and relations can land as if they come home. With a nice cup of coffee, to get a taste of the quality and identity of the company.

photography: Erwin Zijlstra


roots as identity


Attention and tranquility for the patient and the practitioner were important aspects in the design and layout of mondhygiënistenprakteik in a fairly straightforward new building. Not the usual clean and medical sphere, but rather warm and homely.

The combination of modern materials with careful use of natural materials, in which the oak predominates, resulting in a pleasant, dynamic space in which all the technical features are incorporated. The visitor is invited, moving in a natural way through the space. Dosed with light and with a direct view of the back garden from the treatment chair. A space like a 'suit', both in performance and appearance.


interior made on intuition

made on

What happens if you do not draw from a plan but directly from out of that space? Jesse and Eloi accepted  the challenge, locked themselves in an empty, still to be converted four-star apartment at the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam for four days. From there they designed and built a tribute to the famous Chelsea Hotel in New York.

For this project they studied in detail the work of photographer and artist Linda Troeller with whom Studio Koster van Lienen had worked before on the exhibition Hotel Stories. The two men roamed the Lloyd Hotel and its warehouse, searching for fitting furniture and fabrics. The result is an installation with fine details and texts on panels, pillows, walls and even the ceiling. A place where hotel life seems far away and the Chelsea quite close. Sexy, warm and comfortable with a view of the IJ. Welcome home.

Chelsea Room