Tuberculosis was the number one disease around 1900. To combat this dangerous disease the Rooms Katholieke Werkliedenverbond established the association Herwonnen Levenskracht. The association opened the sanatorium on the Berg en Bosch estate in Apeldoorn in 1920.

Ado Toys

foreverbook company


Foreverbook addresses the need to mourn in solidarity, but creates a own tangible and complete memory of a loved one at the same time. The grieving process is given the time it deserves and relatives can commemorate their loved one when needed. The book does this in a concrete and sensible manner. After all, to mourn cannot be apprehended in 'one moment', neither in 'one memory'. For the complete story please check out the foreverbook website:



interior made on intuition

made on

What happens if you do not draw from a plan but directly from out of that space? Jesse and Eloi accepted  the challenge, locked themselves in an empty, still to be converted four-star apartment at the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam for four days. From there they designed and built a tribute to the famous Chelsea Hotel in New York.

For this project they studied in detail the work of photographer and artist Linda Troeller with whom Studio Koster van Lienen had worked before on the exhibition Hotel Stories. The two men roamed the Lloyd Hotel and its warehouse, searching for fitting furniture and fabrics. The result is an installation with fine details and texts on panels, pillows, walls and even the ceiling. A place where hotel life seems far away and the Chelsea quite close. Sexy, warm and comfortable with a view of the IJ. Welcome home.

Chelsea Room

burial mounds


The exhibition tells the story of thirteen special burial mound locations on the Veluwe. Ancestral mounds teach us about the rituals of people who lived on the Veluwe thousands of years ago and buried their dead in carefully selected places. The exhibition illustrates this by showing examples from various periods. 


hotel stories


Hotel Stories is a treasure trove of tales, music, photos, films and objects, allowing visitors to experience the world of hotel. The exhibition was commissioned by Saxion Hospitality Business School and CODA Museum. Studio Koster van Lienen not only designed the exhibition but was also curator of this comprehensive exhibition. An exhibition with great humor, emotion and discomfort. Resulting in a unique and warm cooperation with international artists, hoteliers and photographers.

No door unopened in Hotel Stories, no opportunity untouched. The base elements of this exhibition came from a collection of (intimate) stories of artists who have created pictures, movies, music, lyrics, literature and poetry from their hotel experience. Consider Linda Troeller and her beloved and famed Chelsea Hotel in New York, or the world famous picture of Niko Koster, who captured  John Lennon and Yoko Ono in the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel. This beautiful black and white photos were released to Hotel Stories.

photography: Christiaan de Bruijne

Hotel Stories