winner europan


With architects Erwin Schot, Bas Meijerman and Elmar Hammers, Eloi entered the Europan '11 competion with a plan for the Deventer Havenkwartier site. A total of 60 plans were submitted. With lots of comments on the entries; the jury was unamimous about our winning plan.

The Europan assignment in Deventer raises a topical set of challenges. Designers will more and more frequently be confronted with briefs not intended for a complete transformation, but rather ones requiring modest and measured interventions that enhance those already present in an area. From the entries it appears that, for many designers, this was not as simple as it seems. Many participants did not know what to do with the informal and experimental character of the Deventer Havenkwartier area. There were also a number that tried to compensate for conceptual shortcomings with overpowering visual images. Others resorted to adding more to the programme of requirements than requested. On the other hand the jury, with conviction, was able to select a winner and even two runners-up. Together with a municipality that is seriously concerned about this site, this has a promising future. 


Projector Slide machine


The rattle of slide projectors, the dust inside the lens, the pictures of things past creating history. In passing, on your way to or stepping out of the elevator, guests of the famous Lloyd Hotel are naturally slowed down. Taken by the space completely transformed by the slide installation. Here's something to take a pause.

The Amsterdam Lloyd Hotel and the connected Cultural Ambassy celebrated their 10th anniversary in 2014. Its existence has not gone unnoticed. Many magazines, travel guides and online media captured the rich history and culture of the Lloyd Hotel and the many events of the Cultural Ambassy. To commemorate this director Suzanne Oxenaar asked Studio Koster van Lienen to design an exhibition on the Lloyd as beloved project in the media.

Modest but proud. That is exactly what this semi-autonomous project has become. A selection of four hundred digital images were converted to analog slides. The result is a non-obvious installation, a charming machine, which shows the visitor a Lloyd-worthy presentation.

Lloyd hotel

Curator & production ArtEZ finals

Curator &
ArtEZ finals

ArtEZ Institute of the Arts Zwolle chose for an Academy-wide presentation of its graduating students in 2015. As curator and project leader Eloi Koster was asked to take away all boundaries to meet, for the eighty students and the public. 

In dialoque with the nine departments Eloi started with the conviction that meeting is essential. Artists and designers are not only able to look beyond their own discipline, it is their objective in society to play a critical yet unifying role.

Three vacant shops in the heart of the old centre of Zwolle were transformed into exhibition areas totaling 2100 square meters which connected with each other and the public. These finals are the foundation for further cooperation between ArtEZ and the city of Zwolle. Preparation for the finals of 2016 are now in progress.