Projector Slide machine


The rattle of slide projectors, the dust inside the lens, the pictures of things past creating history. In passing, on your way to or stepping out of the elevator, guests of the famous Lloyd Hotel are naturally slowed down. Taken by the space completely transformed by the slide installation. Here's something to take a pause.

The Amsterdam Lloyd Hotel and the connected Cultural Ambassy celebrated their 10th anniversary in 2014. Its existence has not gone unnoticed. Many magazines, travel guides and online media captured the rich history and culture of the Lloyd Hotel and the many events of the Cultural Ambassy. To commemorate this director Suzanne Oxenaar asked Studio Koster van Lienen to design an exhibition on the Lloyd as beloved project in the media.

Modest but proud. That is exactly what this semi-autonomous project has become. A selection of four hundred digital images were converted to analog slides. The result is a non-obvious installation, a charming machine, which shows the visitor a Lloyd-worthy presentation.

Lloyd hotel

two buckets


A piece of furniture with a strong autonomous character. 'twee emmertjes water halen' plays with the viewer and the desire to give meaning to the object. An abstract swivel carrier is crafted for two standard construction buckets. As a reference to the past in which carring water belonged to a daily task this object asks to give it a new meaning.

Twee emmers water halen