stock cabinet


This artwork cabinet was made with old wooden floorboards which we found on one of our scrap hunts. 


greenpanel DDW 17

DDW 17

As a event partner of the Dutch Design Week Greenpanel was well represented at DDW 17. In collaboration with Greenpanel, SKVL designed and builed the stand. The DDW 17 was also the start of a collaboration between Greenpanel and SKVL with a Modular Exhibition System.

Greenpanel is a highly resistant ultralight board.

It consists of faces and core of thin MDF arranged like a grid. This innovative board has been developed for those applications that require the combination of broad thicknesses, low weight and high stability and resistance. Greenpanel is a structural board with a extremely low weight, between 74 and 250 kg/m3 depending on its thickness. Various sizes are possible.

photography: Evert van de Worp


Foundation for Refugee Students

Foundation for
Refugee Students

The UAF is the oldest refugee organization in the Netherlands. The Foundation was set up in 1948 by the Dutch Universities as the University Asylum Fund to support Czech students who fled to the Netherlands after the invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Soviet Union. Ever since, the Foundation for Refugee Students UAF has supported refugees in their studies and in finding suitable employment. Studio Koster van Lienen collaborated with Studio Groen+Schild and made the Interior Design for the new office

photography: Mike Bink


cars for sale


Together with Berend Zewuster, the octrooi holder of all the ADO designs, we developed a true replica of one ADO model. Produced at a sheltered workshop in the same spirit; as a reintegration project. It was for sale at the museum shop and a great item for dads to make with their sons!

Ado Toys

roots as identity


Attention and tranquility for the patient and the practitioner were important aspects in the design and layout of mondhygiënistenprakteik in a fairly straightforward new building. Not the usual clean and medical sphere, but rather warm and homely.

The combination of modern materials with careful use of natural materials, in which the oak predominates, resulting in a pleasant, dynamic space in which all the technical features are incorporated. The visitor is invited, moving in a natural way through the space. Dosed with light and with a direct view of the back garden from the treatment chair. A space like a 'suit', both in performance and appearance.


remarkable collection designer toys

designer toys

'A child's joy demands quality'. In this exhibition visitors of the CODA Museum were taken along in the spirit of ADO Toys and its rich and unique history. Connected with current space and time.
Detail, craft, experience, harmony and beauty form the starting point of the exhibition. With the ambition to touch those with whom it all started: the children. Today they made the past.

While making this exhibition Studio Koster van Lienen drew inspiration from the extensive archive of the strong brand ADO. ADO had wooden toy cars made by patients with open tuberculosis in the early twentieth century. The workshops of the sanatoriums in the woods near Apeldoorn lie at the heart of this history which is interwoven throughout the exhibition. From there many lanes can be taken into spaces that display the Zeitgeist, originality and craftsmanship of ADO; in short, the identity of ADO is revived.


Ado Toys

burial mounds


The exhibition tells the story of thirteen special burial mound locations on the Veluwe. Ancestral mounds teach us about the rituals of people who lived on the Veluwe thousands of years ago and buried their dead in carefully selected places. The exhibition illustrates this by showing examples from various periods. 


biennale interior


The exhibition at Kortrijk Ventura in 2012 is a rich presentation of furniture, drawings, jewellery and models. These are the results of projects that students worked on at design studios for architectural-, furniture-, interior-, and technical design. ArtEZ Institute of the Arts trains students for professions in which art, knowledge and creativity play a central role. 

Along with colleague Eric de Leeuw and the students of ArtEZ Interior & Architecture in Zwolle, Jesse van Lienen designed a presentation at Kortrijk of the academy where he is connected as a teacher since 2000. In this installation elements from the work of architect Dom Hans van der Laan are integrated.

ArtEZ Kortrijk