Looted Art before, during and after WW II

Looted Art
before, during
and after

Studio Koster van Lienen analyzed the opportunities and possibilities of the monumental twelfth century 'Bergkerk' to be transformed into a museum, substantiated by a strong visual concept for the Ter Borch Foundation. Determining is the development of a modular exhibition system that offers a variety of possibilities for future exhibitions in the Bergkerk. The main objective is that both church and exhibition reinforce each other.

The Dutch Cultural Heritage Agency has committed itself to the provision of its collection of different themes. The kickoff is the special exhibition Looted Art - before, during and after WW IIStudio Koster van Lienen designed this exhibition in close collaboration with curator Rudy Ekkert and historian Eelke Muller. With exceptional works by Cornelis van Oostzanen, Frans Hals and W. van der Valkert.

photography: Mike Bink